Course Description

This module is developed for all auditor candidates who are not in possession of a formal ISO 9001, ISO 14001, or OHSAS 18001 certificate and thus shall complete training on ISO 19011. Following topics are covered:

• principles of auditing

• managing an audit programme

• audit programme objectives and extent

• audit programme implementation

• audit programme records

• audit programme monitoring and reviewing • audit activities: initiating the audit; conducting document review; preparing for the on-site audit activities; conducting on-site audit activities; preparing, approving and distributing the audit report; completing the audit; and conducting audit follow-up

• practical audit examples from the FSC context.

This module is provided entirely online and it is mandatory for FSC FM and CoC auditor candidates. It is built as a series of recorded webinars:

Principles of Auditing
Managing an Audit Programme
Implementing an Audit Programme
Managing & Maintaing Audit Programme Records
Monitoring an Audit Programme
Performing an Audit - Audit Activites

All online modules are free and may be taken separately from full FSC Expert course, however they do not meet formal FSC requirements alone. Information and prices for full FSC Expert course is available on our website:

Quality Manager

Tigran Martirosyan

Course curriculum

  • 1


    • Introduction to ISO 19011 module

  • 2

    ISO 19011 training topics

    • FSC general training module topics as per FSC-PRO-20-004 V1-2

    • Guidelines for auditing management systems; third edition updates overview

  • 3


    • Principles of auditing

    • Managing an audit programme

    • Implementing Audit Programme Part 1

    • Implementing Audit Programme Part 2

    • Managing and maintaining audit programme records

    • Monitoring an audit programme

    • Performing an audit

    • Evaluation of compliance

  • 4


    • ISO 19011 online module quiz

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    FreeFSC Expert course - FSC auditing in relation to ISO 19011 module

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