Course Description

Performed by the top experts of NEPCon and approved by ASI, our high-speed, intensive FSC Expert course is guaranteed to bring your insight into FSC certification up to a new level, whatever it was before. More than 400 participants from 45 countries have so far completed this comprehensive training course.

Regardless of your professional background, this course is for you if you take a serious interest in FSC certification. Our FSC Expert events typically bring together people with a variety of backgrounds which lends a unique flavour to these courses. They attract certified companies, public sector organisations, researchers, NGOs, consultants - and, of course, anyone aspiring to become an FSC auditor.

Online modules

Online modules are part of NEPCon blended FSC Expert course, which consists of initial online training and later face-to-face classroom part. This combination is accredited by ASI as meeting requirements of FSC-PRO-20-004 V1-2. Online modules may however be also taken for free separately from full FSC Expert course.

What you will learn if you join classroom course

The course guides you through practically everything an FSC auditor needs to know in just three (CoC) or five (FM) days.

You will be brought up to speed on the FSC system and gain comprehensive knowledge and competencies within auditing techniques, certification requirements, report writing, and teamwork.

Group exercises are used extensively. This helps you to build your skills and memorise what you have learnt.

Your trainers are among the world's most experienced FSC Lead Auditors, providing unique insight and expertise. The training includes a balanced mix of presentations and classroom exercises, and you will have plenty of opportunity to both learn and practice important auditor skills.

Senior Programme Manager, Supply Chains

Naomi Mjelde

Naomi is responsible for the technical oversight of Forestry Supply Chains services that are offered by Preferred by Nature. Naomi oversees development of policies and systems, quality monitoring and training for forestry supply chain services across all Preferred by Nature regions. Oversight of these services includes maintaining the related accreditations, development and maintenance of internal and external CoC training programs, and monitoring of Preferred by Nature’s global portfolio. Naomi has been qualified as a CoC auditor since 2009.

Course curriculum

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    • Welcome to Preferred by Nature Training Hub

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    • FSC FM Expert classroom agenda

    • FSC COC Expert classroom agenda

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    Test quiz

    • Test quiz