Course Description

This module is developed for all auditor candidates involved in approval of FSC trademark use (so called FSC trademark agents).

This module is provided entirely online and it is mandatory for FSC trademark agents.

NOTE: FSC has also its own online training course on this topic and it is mandatory for all trademark agents (

All online modules are free and may be taken separately from full FSC Expert course, however they do not meet formal FSC requirements alone. Information and prices for full FSC Expert course is available on our website:

Certification Support Specialist, Global Trademark Expert

Ailin Salguero de López

Ailin provides support on the delivery of FSC certification services and as a Trademark Expert; she serves as the global support for regional offices and partners on Trademark requirements, as well as supports the development and maintenance of policies and procedures, templates and training modules related to trademarks.

Course curriculum

  • 1

    FSC Trademark rules

    • Introduction to FSC Trademarks

    • FSC trademark standard FSC-STD-50-001 V2-1

  • 2

    FSC Trademarks part 1

    • Overview of the content

    • Webinar

    • Key takeaways

  • 3

    FSC Trademarks part 2

    • Overview of the content

    • Webinar

    • Key takeaways

  • 4

    FSC Trademarks module quiz

    • Quiz

  • 5

    Feedback survey

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