Course Description

This module includes additional self-study material for SRP In -house Training Course. 

Course instructor

Adarsh Mohandas

Aadarsh is the scheme manager for SRP programme at PBN. He has conducted SRP audit of producer groups in India and Myanmar. Aadarsh has background in Agriculture and Forestry. Aadarsh is passionate about contributing market-driven sustainability solutions that foster eco-friendly choices for consumers. Aadarsh holds an Erasmus+ Masters in Agroforestry from Bangor University and a master's degree in Agriculture Development from the University of Copenhagen. He completed his BSc in Forestry with a distinction from the Tamil Nadu Agriculture University. He has worked in various capacities in the sustainability industry including consulting, academics, and quality assurance. He has wide international experience field experience in Asia, Africa, Europe and Latin America. He is experienced as an auditor for various organic standards, FairTrade, GlobalG.A.P. Aadarsh is also a technical expert for FSC and RA-SAS certification schemes. Aadarsh joined Preferred by Nature in 2018.

Course curriculum

  • 1


    • Welcome to self-study module!

    • Welcome to Preferred by Nature Training Hub!

    • Live classroom training Agenda

    • Your preparation for Live training sessions

    • SRP Normative documents list

  • 2

    Presentations - lessons

    • 1 Introduction to SRP1

    • 2 Sustainable Rice

    • 3 SRP Standard Framework

    • 4 SRP Standard Requirements

    • 5 Understanding the 12 Indicators

    • 6 Assurance Levels

    • 7 Assurance Rules

    • 8 Verification Process

    • 9 Guideline for Traceability and Chain of Custody

    • 10 SRP Claims and Conditions

    • 11 Verification Body

    • Quiz