Course curriculum

  • 1

    Introduction to the training

    • Welcome to the Strategic Planning Training

  • 2

    Lesson 1 - Taking a 360-degree view of a business through the lens of the 4Cs

    • Introduction to Lesson 1

    • Lesson 1 Taking 360-degree view

    • Lesson 1 Insights from business owners - importance of strategic sustainability planning

    • Lesson 1 Insights from business owners - Why it is important to focus on sustainability the 4Cs

    • NEW! Lesson 1 The importance of embrace sustainability as a business

    • Lesson 1 Additional Reflection points

    • Lesson 1 Quiz

    • Lesson 1 Downloadable template of 4Cs self-assessment

  • 3

    Lesson 2 - Working towards a Shared Goals: establishing a Vision

    • Introduction to Lesson 2

    • Lesson 2 Introduction to Strategic Planning

    • Lesson 2 Setting up for the effective strategic sustainability planning

    • Lesson 2 Working towards a shared goals - your organization's vision

    • Lesson 2 Insights from business owners - Strategic Planning Process and challenges you may encounter

    • Lesson 2 Insights from business owners - The Importance of Staff involvement

    • NEW! Lesson 2 How strategic planning can help businesses guide and impact their work ​

    • Lesson 2 Additional reflections points

    • Lesson 2 Quiz

    • Lesson 2 Assignment background information

    • Lesson 2 Assignment questions

    • Lesson 2 Assignment questions feedback

    • Lesson 2 Downloadable 4C plan template

  • 4

    Lesson 3 Working towards a Shared Goal: Defining Outcomes

    • Introduction to Lesson 3

    • Lesson 3 Creating greater clarity, understanding and buy-in across all stakeholders

    • Lesson 3 How to define community and culture

    • Lesson 3 Exploring the 4Cs - Using art to raise awareness about biodiversity

    • Lesson 3 Exploring the 4Cs - Awareness and empowerment through education

    • Lesson 3 Exploring the 4Cs – Engaging guests in conservation

    • NEW! Lesson 3 Strategic Planning when working across different sites and being a small business

    • Lesson 3 Additional reflection points

    • Lesson 3 Quiz

    • Lesson 3 Assignment background information

    • Lesson 3 Assignment questions

    • Lesson 3 Assignment questions feedback

  • 5

    Lesson 4 Working towards a Shared Goal: Results

    • Introduction to Lesson 4

    • Lesson 4 Creating greater clarity, understanding and buy-in across all stakeholders

    • Lesson 4 Translating the vision and values into day-to-day activities

    • Lesson 4 How to engage your team and secure buy-in

    • NEW Lesson 4 Insights from business owner of how to effectively use strategic planning to impact your work

    • Lesson 4 Quiz

    • Lesson 4 Assignment background information

    • Lesson 4 Assignment questions

    • Lesson 4 Assignment questions feedback

  • 6

    Lesson 5 Integrating a vision into day-today activities and roles

    • Introduction to Lesson 5

    • Lesson 5 Integrating your vision into day-today activities and roles

    • NEW! Lesson 5 Insights from business owners – translating your vision into day-to-day activities​

    • Lesson 5 Additional reflection points

    • Lesson 5 Quiz

    • Lesson 5 A downloadable annual activity plan template

  • 7

    Lesson 6 Driving positive impact through annual monitoring and reporting

    • Introduction to Lesson 6

    • Lesson 6 Driving Positive impact through Annual Monitoring and Reporting

    • NEW! Lesson 6 Insights from business owners - Measuring and monitoring to guide your work and aspirations​

    • Lesson 6 Quiz

    • Lesson 6 Downloadable M&E template

  • 8

    Feedback on The Long Run Strategic Planning Online Training

    • Feedback on The Long Run Strategic Planning Online Training


Course instructor

Anne-Kathrin Zschiegner

Anne joined The Long Run in 2011, leading the management and coordination of The Long Run’s global coalition of some of the world’s leading conservation businesses, who together advocate, support, and champion tourism as a catalyst to drive positive change and address the climate and biodiversity crisis. She took the role of Technical Assistance Advisor in 2016 to support members to embed sustainability at the core of businesses’ decision-making, become more competitive and resilient through innovation and strategic business development, and sharing of information, knowledge, and experiences across the membership. Prior to joining The Long Run, she worked at the University of Exeter Business School, United Kingdom, as a Research Associate focusing on climate change mitigation and business innovation. She holds a PhD in Management, where she focussed on leadership on best practices in environmental management in small tourism businesses, and a postgraduate Diploma in Geography, Environmental and Resource Economics, and Environmental Protection. The Long Run joined forces with Preferred by Nature (previously NEPCon) in March 2020, to accelerate the expansion of nature conservation by the private sector and within the tourism industry.