Course Description

FSC and PEFC CoC accreditation standards require that auditors have a good understanding of the timber industry. 

We have gathered a collection of videos about primary and secondary processors, printing house and timber trader. It is uncommon to have working experience with all the different types of timber industries prior to becoming an auditor. You may have worked in a sawmill for 10 years, but then printing house or pellet producer will be a totally new world for you. So future auditors can use these videos to get a brief understanding of different timber industries. 

All videos were downloaded from public Youtube channels and serve as educational material only. We do not intend to promote specific companies, but rather just found their videos of high quality and holding a lot of technical content. 

Forestry Supply Chain Specialist

Naomi Mjelde

Course curriculum

  • 1

    Introduction and guidance

    • Intro

  • 2

    Primary processors

    • Primary processor - Logs to Lumber - An aerial journey through the sawmill

    • Primary processor - Collum's Lumber Products, LLC - Sawmill Tour

    • Primary and secondary processor - Stora Enso Skoghall Mill – a world-class producer of cardboard

  • 3

    Secondary processors

    • Secondary processing company - Vaagen Lumber - making roof trusses

    • Secondary processor - Metsä Wood KERTO® laminated veneer lumber (LVL)

    • Wooden Furniture Manufacturing Process by MIFF FDC

    • Secondary processor - Graanul Invest wood pellet company

  • 4

    Printing house

    • Printing Company - LVCG

  • 5

    Timber trader

    • Timber trader - Keflico AS